Ryan International School

Sector 49-B, Chandigarh





Ryan International Schools were founded in 1991by the Xavier Group of School, who already have a successful track record in imparting education since1976. Ryan International School have been establishing new standard of education, which are being emulated by upcoming institutions. Today, the Group with over 1,25,000 students employing nearly 7,000 individuals, has a nationwide educational presence, imparting the best possible learning to all strata of society.

Our educational directions have been promoted by the following guidelines:

             Uniform education culture in all school through continued Teacher Development Programs.

          ICSE  & CBSE syllabus in school all over the country.

         Focus on modern pedagogy to reduce dependence on the examination system, discouraging rote - learning, thus accelerating overall development of the child's personality.

The Group owes its success to the excellent term created by the Founder-Chairman - Dr. A. F. Pinto. Today, the Group Management has evolved into a cohesive and well- knit network of professionals. The strategy to build a learning universe for the child implies systematic prioritisation of staff qualities such as flexibility, innovative capacity and the ability to gather, systematise and apply experience through-out Ryan School. These qualities are safeguarded through continuous competence enhancement of the staff, peer reviews of research and education and an organisational culture which inspires venture spirit and encourages experimentation. The Group function like a Mini Board of Educational Research Center has been set up to study the pros & cons of various educational system. Innovations are constantly introduced to make the teaching- learning process more effective.

Why International ?

The present cyber age is making the world smaller day by day. In the realm of education, we can no longer remain complacent or confined to the territorial limits of cities, states or nations.
Cross fertilization of ideas and teaching methods are relevant to education, so that our future citizens can face the challenges of an international interface. Foreign cultures, language, etiquettes, etc., need to be understood. Developing adjustment capabilities in environmental evolution becomes crucial for success.
Ryan International Schools provide multi-options for learning foreign languages and cultures while retaining Indian values.
Ryan International Schools have become ideal institutions with professional expertise & vast experience in management of education, essential to meet the growing & challenging needs of preparing the future citizens of tomorrow.
Education is only a ladder to pluck fruits from the tree of knowledge, not the fruit itself. The Group is constantly involved in learning from others and sharing its experiences with other educational institutions.
Top management including the Founder-Chairman, Dr. A.F. Pinto, visit internationally renowned schools in
India and abroad, and put into practice several new ideas and concepts absorbed in the process.
An Exchange Program involves both students & teachers, at national & international level. The feedback is personally monitored by the Founder-Chairman and feasible ideas implemented by coordinators.


St. Xaviers and Ryan group of schools have been setup with a mission of 'Education for all' and 'Excellence in education', by Dr A F Pinto. The St. Xaviers group of schools is concentrated around the Mumbai region while Ryan schools were set up first in 1991 in Delhi, UP and Rajasthan.

The philosophy is that Education fails unless the 3Rs -
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and the 3Hs - Hearts, Hands and Heads ultimately lead to the 4Ps Preparation for earning, Positive approach to living, Preparation for understanding and Participation for making a better world

Future plans

The group with over 1,25,000 students and a staff of 7000, today, has a nation-wide presence. With a successful track record behind it, the group has ambitious expansion plans. It has chalked out a plan to establish more schools throughout the country to a total of 119. Besides this the other projects that are in the pipeline are fully residential schools for NRIs, multipurpose schools for imparting vocational training in fields like computers, marketing, fine arts etc., Polytechnic institutes, talent development schools, recreation centres and sports clubs.


The management has put together a highly qualified team of professionals who incessantly work with dedication and devotion to expand the horizons of knowledge and education to all sections of the society.

Love, care, efficiency, responsibility and dedication are the hallmarks of the Ryan teachers. They are made to undergo refresher course to update themselves on modern pedagogical methods.

Curriculum and Teaching Methods

The group has adopted a policy of framing common syllabi for all its schools. To this effect a special education centre has been setup, which examines the pros and cons of the educational system and constantly introduces new innovations to make the teaching-learning process more effective.

The focus is on reducing the dependence on the examination system to discourage rote learning and to accelerate the overall development of the child's personality. Different approaches are used for different age groups of pupils. For example Pre-primary students are taught the alphabet through phonetics and primary pupils are engaged in the learning process via dramatisation, role-play, projects etc. Vocational guidance is given to the students by trained counsellors to enable them to think ahead and face the future with confidence. Parents are also made aware of the progress and achievements of their wards through 'Open House Sessions' which allows them to interact with the teachers.

An Exchange program involving both teachers and students at both the national and international level has also been initiated to facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences, with other learning institutions.