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Dr A F Pinto

Dr Pinto, the Founder Chairman of St. Xaviers and Ryan group of schools, is a visionary and pioneer in the field of education. He took up the task of spreading awareness of literacy and providing the necessary infrastructure needed to realise his dream. Dr Pinto defines education as ' the process of organising and developing in a systematic way, the intellect of the human being, such that he/she is capable of assimilating, understanding and deciding the course of action, to achieve a pre-set goal.'

Dr Pinto had the dream of eradicating literacy, right from his formative years. He started by setting up a makeshift structure and himself taught the students and to promote the awareness of literacy. The first St. Xaviers school was established in 1983 and Ryan International school was set up in 1991 at Mayur Vihar.

His vision of Education is totally child oriented. Believing firmly in All Round development of personality, Dr Pinto emphasises the participation of each and every child in the various stage and field activities. The entire academic curriculum is based on group activities, which ensures fun while earning.

He believes strongly in Value Education, which will raise Godly Children who will grow up to be Godly men and women in society. For this purpose he has set up a professional and dedicated team of principals and teachers. He regularly visits the schools of his educational family and helps cement the bond of love and respect between the teachers and students. His visits are events much looked forward to by staff and students alike.

As a Sheriff of Mumbai, Dr A F Pinto has also undertaken the task of establishing Eco-friendly clubs throughout the country organising various Eco-friendly drives and campaigns.

Manifold virtues like determination, ceaseless efforts, discipline, innovation and above all a personal touch with the entire hierarchy, lie behind the success of this eminent personality.