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Indian Model United Nations




The success of hosting the 1st & 2nd  sessions of INMUN at New Delhi led to it becoming an annual feature on the annual calendar. The third  session of INMUN was attended by  the various South Asian Countries and 550 students from 95 schools in India. The main objective of the INMUN was to make the youth aware of the vital role played by the UN in the promotion of peace, prevention of conflicts & human development projects.

INMUN was brought about with idea that education is not physical commodity, it is vibrant and living, a holystic and a broadband education which nourishes the entire being.

INMUN was an experience to help students understand international problems, contribute to its solution to attempt to usher in a New World order, to focus attention on the prevention of environment and Human Rights.

INMUN gave the students an opportunity to develop critical thinking and know the current status of the world, and also of future possibilities and solutions. As delegates of their countries, the students presented themselves as active and responsible citizen of the local and the global community.

INMUN is an learning experience for the student delegates who attended it.


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