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Theatre Festival




In the present scenario, education has come to be a complex interplay of the multiply  factors & is abuzz with ceaseless activities. It is a perfect place for students to with their talents in an unfettered matter, to their optimal degree of performance.

With the trust, Annual Theatre Festival at different venues in the country led the hosting of 1st & 2nd  National Children's Theatre Festival, New Delhi in which the students from our school has participated.

It is here that the vibrant, warm & loving qualities of the children can find scopes for the expressions, thus helping the students to charter a new scopes.

There are various dramatic clubs in our school & the stress is on activity based education. Use of appropriate body language, direction, voice modulation & expressions are sharpened through various theatre workshops.

To hold Theatre Festivals is of utmost importance as it leads to flights of imaginations & spontaneity of expressions.



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